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  • Easily one of the highlights of my year. 

  • Opportunity to dream, work, and design with my incredibly talented friends.

  • Stretched my legs in three-dimensional sculpting and loved every minute of it.

01 Nine c 1.jpg
  • My very first video with sound included and the subtlety is my very favorite.

  • Chance to give much deserved attention to some of the best architecture in town.

  • Found a weird hack to Cinema4D's glacially-paced render time with this one.

Logo R on B.jpg
  • Collaboration on the vid above with one of my dearest friends and motion design extraordinaire Lauren Mayhew of Nuevo studio. 

  • Logo devised from the fact that the event's talks were entitled "Why Not...?" giving each speaker the opportunity to fill in the blank with their main idea. 

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