• Get Out was my very first app I designed (before the incredible movie). 

  • Get Out was also probably the theme Jesus followed on Easter with the tomb...that's his ministry roadmap in the peach.

  • A trippy effect I learned in Photoshop that can turn any boring photo into something exciting. Case in point: this used to be a photo of a shower head. 

  • Full concept here for the pictured kaleidoscope pieces.

  • The blue and purple piece was one of my first C4D projects where I was able to actually make the material idea in my head (discovered Alpha channel!). 

  • App creation for recent grads, so this pattern design included items every new adult is forced to juggle. 

  • Also...this was from an era of my life where I was very, very inspired by T-Mobile. They were doing some crazy things, guys. 

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