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  • Brand for an amazing law firm owned by an all-female team

  • Naturally, Lady Justice made an appearance in the illustration work

01 Nine c 8.jpg
  • Earrings are not involved in the law firm brand obviously.

  • Just a little illustration of some classic earrings by a classic herself, Kate Spade. 

  • Featuring shading with colors opposite each other on the color wheel

  • Mugg Winston pattern design incorporated the serifs and linework in the mark and gave a subtle nod to their very first brand element, the diamond.

mugg winston Gift Wrapping Paper MockUp.
  • Thinking of making a poster series of powerful females. We'll see. Here's one at least. 

Untitled_Artwork (4).png
Mobile Work Cover Mugg Winston.jpg
Women in the Ring No. 1.jpg
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